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Business start-ups

Low response to NIC holiday scheme

Far fewer start-up firms have taken advantage of the Government’s NIC tax break scheme than had been expected, according to new figures.

In the construction industry

There are special tax rules affecting the construction industry, which are designed to ensure that tax is paid by workers in the sector whether they are employed or self-employed.

Penalties for late returns and late payment of tax

The tax system is replete with fines and penalties for those that do not file or pay on time. Make sure you don't get caught out.

NIC holiday passed into law

A scheme designed to help new businesses by cutting their national insurance contributions has become law.

Choosing your accounting date

You are free to select your choice of accounting date. Under the current year basis, the taxable profit for a particular tax year is determined by the accounts that end in that year.

Self-employed entrepreneurs need to be nurtured

The Government must work harder to create the right conditions in which entrepreneurs can flourish, a leading business group has said.

Firms to get letters on NIC holiday tax returns

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has said that employers who have successfully applied to join the Government’s NIC holiday scheme should be getting a paper national insurance return in the post during March.

NIC holiday scheme should include existing firms

The Government has been urged to extend its NIC holiday scheme to existing as well as start-up businesses.

Government looks to encourage micro-lending to small firms

The government has set out plans to boost lending to small businesses.

Mentor network to help fledgling firms

A network of business mentors is to be established to provide new firms with valuable support and advice.