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The economy

Tax rises 'dampen' consumer optimism

Prospective tax rises and the return of VAT to the old rate of 17.5 per cent may have had an adverse effect on consumer confidence.

Online sales enjoy seasonal boost

Online businesses saw sales soar during the Christmas period.

Services sector shows signs of continuing growth

Indications that the UK economy is emerging from recession were reinforced by new figures detailing an upturn in growth in the services industry.

Demand for employees at its highest for over two years

The jobs market could be returning to its pre-credit crunch levels.

Bank of England still cautious on economic recovery

The Bank of England has left itself the option of pumping more money into the economy should the recovery begin to falter next year.

Savers could be hampering economic recovery

The number of households that are using their money to pay down debts or to boost their savings is on the increase and could be having an adverse effect on the economic recovery.

Economy set to escape recession by end of the year

The UK economy is set to emerge from the recession during the fourth quarter of 2009, the CBI has forecast.

Widespread pay sacrifices 'save' jobs

It has been estimated that a half of UK employees have made some form of pay sacrifice during the recession in an effort to preserve jobs.

Consumers spending more on environment friendly goods

UK households are upping their spend on green goods and services, albeit slowly, a new report has revealed.

Pre-Budget Report 2009: business reaction

Business groups greeted the Chancellor’s pre-Budget Report with a mixture of encouragement and dismay.