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Pensions Savings Investments

New rules to protect pension pots below £100

Proposal designed to help people with multiple pots.

3 in 5 pension schemes fail to consider climate change

Investors are at risk of lower returns.

State pensions set to rise 3.1% in 2022/23

Yearly payments will increase by £290.

Most people do nothing to reduce potential IHT bill

40% of consumers concerned about IHT bills.

Trusts and using them to mitigate against inheritance tax

Many overlook the role of complex trusts when it comes to inheritance tax planning.

HMRC ‘cannot tell’ number of MPAA breaches

Pensions firm calls for better data on £4,000 limit.

National living wage set for 5.7% rise in 2022/23

Treasury poised to approve LPC recommendation.

Salary sacrifices 'may mitigate the NICs rise'

Employees could benefit in the short-term.

What’s next for the state pension increase in 2022/23?

Government relaxes triple-lock rules due to distortions caused by the pandemic.

Thousands overpay IHT on life insurance policies

£280m may have been paid unnecessarily in 2018/19.