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Current Affairs

Bank of England warns of insolvency crisis among SMEs

Insolvency timings will coincide with end to Government support.

UK GDP grows by 0.8% in May 2021

Growth was primarily driven by the service sector.

COVID-19 loans hit total value of £80 billion

BBLS applications accounted for the majority of claims.

Post-pandemic job exodus could cost businesses up to £17 billion

The cost equates to £10,076 per business.

Employers start contributing to furlough payments

The furlough scheme begins winding down.

Research reveals increase in cryptoasset ownership

More holders view them as a legitimate investment.

Majority of home workers want hybrid return to the office

Business owners are uncertain where staff will work.

HMRC chases £1bn in false furlough claims

Furlough fraud was previously thought to be £3.5bn.

Chancellor rejects pleas for furlough extension

Furlough is to be phased out from 1 July.

Renting a home now cheaper than buying one

Average monthly rents stand at £1,054.