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Current Affairs

The economy grew by 2.3% in April 2021

Local holidays and hospitality drove the boost.

Furlough figures fall to their lowest levels this year

The Treasury said its recovery plan ‘is working’.

Government borrowing surpasses £30bn in April

The data comes from a joint ONS-Treasury report.

Calls for the Government to protect umbrella company workers

Some companies are accused of failing in their obligations.

Inflation increases to 1.6%

It is a return to pre-pandemic inflation levels.

Unemployment decreases by 0.9%

The employment rate remains below pre-pandemic levels.

Economy grew by 2.1% in March 2021

The economy nevertheless shrank over the first quarter.

Rent debt threatens 330,000 hospitality jobs

Eviction bans are to end in July.

History shows COVID-19 debt ‘can be coped with’

The debt-to-income ratio was 250% in 1947.

SEISS scam email circulating online

Spelling mistakes give the fake document away.