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Current Affairs

UK 2021 growth prospects brighten

Economists predict fastest growth since 1941.

3 in 5 support using tax to fight climate change

Carbon taxes are most popular.

Gateway for self-employed grants opens

HMRC should have already alerted applicants.

Fuel and clothing prices push up inflation

Food prices fell over the same period.

ONS: Labour market is ‘stable but subdued’

The unemployment rate 'has begun to stabilise'.

Exports to EU recover after January slump

Trade was driven by non-perishables in February.

UK unemployment rate drops to 5%

The ONS estimated 1.7 million people were unemployed in January this year.

Business groups welcome ‘tax day’ consultations

The Treasury announced 30 tax updates, consultations and documents.

Govt. announces raft of ‘tax day’ consultations

The Treasury released 30 tax updates.

HMRC to accept bulk appeals for late tax return penalties

The process is available for a period of six months.