Employees in favour of flexible working

Working adults favour flexible working to traditional office hours, according to research by Maintel.

Out of 1,000 employees surveyed, 73% think that their employer offers good flexible working policies, while 66% would be comfortable requesting flexible working from their manager.

Further findings:

  • those living outside of London were more likely to take advantage of flexible working.
  • over 55s were also more likely to work away from the office compared to those aged 18-24
  • 58% said that they would like to spend less time in an office environment.

Employees can apply for flexible working if they have worked for the same employer for 26 weeks.

Workers must write to their employer and agree terms before any conditions can be changed in the employee’s contract.

Rufus Grig, CTO at Maintel, said:

“Equipping employees with the right solutions to successfully work remotely and keep company data safe is critical. This enables effective employee performance, recruitment and retention, delivering a good ROI in technology investments.”

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