Tax bodies call for Scottish tax overhaul

The Chartered Institution of Tax and Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland (ICAS) want "a devolved tax system that is sustainable and fit for purpose".

The two tax bodies made the recommendations in response to a poll which found 26% of Scots were "not aware of" Holyrood's powers to change income tax rates.

The report said a new minister for Scottish taxes and greater cooperation between the UK and Scottish governments on budgets would help address that.

Charlotte Barbour, director of taxation at ICAS, said:

"Having an equivalent to the UK Finance Bill at Holyrood is one of the ways that awareness of Holyrood's tax powers could be boosted, by making sure that tax policy is more visible in the Scottish political calendar."

The report also stated new taxes, devolved or Westminster-approved, need to be introduced after the brunt of COVID-19 seriously tested the strength of the Scottish economy.

It added that Holyrood should reinstate its pre-pandemic work on a tax communications strategy and promote tax understanding through the school curriculum.

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